Competition Engine Management Systems


Engine And Vehicle Management System
P8PRO has been developed from the outset as a fully featured and highly capable engine and vehicle management system. The high performance ECU can expertly controlling engines of up to 12 cylinders with almost any configuration.

P8 PRO packs a host of advanced features required by modern multi-cylinder applications.

P8 PRO underwent an extensive on-track trial period
of over 1 year, following which the production version of the P8 PRO was released.

Many event wins and track records have already been recorded by vehicles controlled by this system.

P8 PRO ECU Features


Without doubt the worlds most user friendly mapping software - FREE!

Eight individually controllable coil drivers for unequal firing or different cylinder advance.
Eight injector drivers, with individual adjustments, for sequential injection up to eight cylinders or control of up to 16 staged twin injectors.
Amplified Coils Support  NEW
Full 3 or 4 wheel traction control with switchable, on dash, on/off and wet/dry settings.

Launch control with numerous options.

Turn off closed loop above TPS & RPM  NEW
Full turbo anti lag facilities, switchable on dash.
Logging switch able on dash  NEW
Voltage in warning limits during Mapping  NEW
Manifold Pressure as main load  NEW
Improved idle speed control  NEW
Nine auxiliary outputs for various functions.
Improved, more flexible data logging capabilities  NEW
Compensation for air temp / water temp / MAP or barometric pressure on fuel and ignition.
Closed loop Lambda control.
Full turbo pressure control variable by RPM with overboost protection.
Steering wheel button controlled start line RPM limit.
Full power shift cut.
Temperature dependant idle speed control via PWM valve.
Dedicated shift light output.
Serial output of data for dashboard  NEW
Dedicated Tacho output.
Two stage main RPM limiter.
Dedicated fuel pump control.
Full start-up fuelling map.
Throttle transient enrichment map.
Self test facilities for ignition and injection.
Diagnostics and peak recording.

Real time mapping, no EPROM's required.

Selectable 20 X 14 lambda target map
In-vehicle fuel map building
Can use 5 volt linear lambda sensor with external electronics
Software programmable for most crank wheels, (Honda Blackbird, Rover, 36 - 1, 60-2 etc).
All main 3D maps (20 x 14) have user programmable break points.

Max. RPM up to 16,000.

Flexible PWM outputs linked to any input useable for any of the following;

  • Water injection (multistage)
  • Speed related power reduction (Drag bikes)
  • NOS control with fuel enrichment and ignition retard (multistage)
  • Fuel Mixture control for endurance racing
  • Twin Fuel pump control
  • Anything else requiring mixture and ignition control
    linked to an input and an output.


Billet machined enclosure.
32Mhz Processor.
55 pin, sealed, reliable, easy to use connector system.
Free upgrades for one year.
Two year warranty.


Comprehensive Engine and
Vehicle Management