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October 15

V79.02 Release:- Adds new CAN stream data

July 15

Summer Vacation

July 15

V79 Release:- New Flywheel Mode

May 15

ECU Shipping Dates

March 15

DTA Changes Hands

December 14

V78 Release:- Oil Temp Limit on Cam Control

November 14

V77 Release:- Electric Dump Valve

May 14

V73 Release:- Paddle Shift Controller in S100

November 13

V71 Release:- Low Temperature RPM limit

October 13

V70 Release:- Provision For Subaru 6 Cyl Crank Wheel

September 13

V68 Release:- Launch Control Improvements

July 13

V67 Release:- Shift Cut Impovements

January 13

V66 Release:- Alarm Recording

October 12

V65 Release:- Pit Lane Speed Limit Enhanced

September 12

V64 Release:- Random Rev Limiter Patterns

April 12

V63 Release:- Closed Loop Shift Cut

Oct 11

V62 Release:- 3D Pressure Target Maps

June 11

V61 Release:- Launch By Elapsed Time

February 11

V60 Release:- Control of 4 Variable Camshafts

October 10

V58 Release:- Full Map For Twin Spark Offset

June 10

V57 Release:- Gear Calculation Using Speed Sensor
V55 Release:- 3D Pressure Compensation Maps

March 10

V54 Release:- Multiple Injection Angles

Nov 09

Mazda Rotary
V53 Release:- Pit Lane Speed Limit, Extra Shift Cut Features

Sep 09

V52 Release:- Variable Length Lambda Filter

Aug 09

V51 Release:-Multiple Cam Targets
V50 Release:- Twin Injector Blend Map

May 09

V49 Release:- Chevrolet LS7 Support

March 09

V48 Release:- BMW S54 Preliminary Support
1600 CC Injectors In Stock

January 09

Brand New S80 and S100

December 08

V46.00 Release:- Support for Clio R3 Rotating Sensors

November 08

V45.00 Release:- Add Wet Launch Settings on S80

September 08

V43.00 Release:- Swap to Cam2 Map on VTEC

July 08

V42.00 Release:- Retard After Shift Cut

May 08

V41.00 Release:- Flex Analogues Recorded in Log

Feb 08

V40.00 Release:- VANOS Support

Jan 08

V39.01 Release:- CAN Stream

Nov 07

V38.00 Release:- Various Enhancements

July 07

V36.00 Release:- Measure Injector Dead Time and E85 Support
V35.00 Release:- Switch on Analogue 3 Function with MAP2 Switch

June 07

V33.00 Release:- Delayed Coil Per Plug, Alternative Anti Lag System, VW1.8T Sequential Operation
V32.00 Release:- Various Extensions

March 07

V30.00 Release:- Idle Speed Uplift from Air Con Signal
V29.00 Release:- 3 and 5 Cylinder Support
S40 Shipping
S80 Launch Goes Well

January 07

S80 Starts Shipping in a few days
S60 Version 28.00 Release:- Many New Items

October 06

S60 Version 24.00 Release:- Traction Control and Fuel Consumption

September 06

DTASwin Version 23.03 Release:- Cursor Added to Graphical Log Display
S60 Version 23.00 Release:- Idle Speed  Control Using Ignition Advance
S60 Version 22.00 Release:- Turbo Pressure Real Time Adjustment

August 06
S60 Version 21.00 Release:- Variable Frequency O/P for Power Steering

June 06
S60 Version 19.02 Release:- Honda CBR600 and Blackbird Support

May 06
S60 Version 18.04 Release:- Rover K VVC Cam Control Added
S60 Version 17.08 Release:- Lambda History Displayed on PC

March 06
S60 Version 17.00 Release:- Honda S2000 Support

S60 Version 16.00 Release:- Useability Improvements
S60 Version 15.00 Release:- Cranking Oscilloscope

Feb 06
S60 Version 14.00 Release:- More Throttle Transient Maps
Honda K20A
Second Nissan Cam Sensor
Cam Advance Target Sweep

Jan  2006

S60 Histogram
Dealer Training
Nissan Cam Sensor
S60 in Production

V79.02 Release:- New CAN Stream data

V79.02 adds new data to the standard CAN stream. The following data items are now included:

0x2006 Cam2 Adv x 10 Cam2 Targ x 10 Cam2 PWM x 10 External 5v

Summer Vacation

The DTA office will be closed for summer vacation 3rd to 10th August.

V79 Release:- New Flywheel Mode

V79 Adds an extra Aston V8 Flywheel mode for the six tooth cam and limit changes in turbo control and general engine settings.

Confirmed ECU Shipping Dates, From Alex Chard

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition of ownership to me, especially due to the lack of ECUs.
I’m delighted to say that we have finally received accurate dates for delivery of ECUs. These are laid out below, including order confirmation dates and shipping dates.
Where possible we will ship sooner, but that will depend on the time the stock arrives, so please use the dates provided for planning and notifying your customers.

As you can imagine, it’s going to be a very busy period for DTA, and I want to ensure we get all the orders out correctly and on time. With this in mind, we will be using our system to track all orders.

When you place an order, we will raise a quote from our system, which will be emailed to you. You will be able to accept that quote online. When that quote has been accepted, you will receive an invoice with a payment due date.

As before, payments can be made via credit card or online transfer. If you decide to use online transfer, please allow enough time for the payment to clear in to our account to ensure there are no delays in shipping your order.

S40 and S40i
We will receive a shipment of S40 and S40i ECUs on Monday 18th May.
These will be tested, programmed and packaged on Tuesday 19th May, and will be shipped Wednesday 20th May.
Orders that will be shipped on Wednesday 20th May must be confirmed and paid for by Friday 15th May.
Any orders placed on Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th or Wednesday 20th May will be shipped on Thursday 21st May.

S80 and S100
We will receive a shipment of S80 and S100 units on Tuesday 26th May.
These will be tested, programmed and packaged on Wednesday 27th May, and will be shipped Thursday 28th May.
Orders that will be shipped on Thursday 28th May must be confirmed and paid for by Friday 22nd May.
Any orders placed on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th or Thursday 28th May should be shipped on Friday 29th May. This may be delayed as the S60 order arrives on the 29th May.

We will receive a shipment of S60 units on Friday 29th May.
These will be tested, programmed and packaged on Monday 1st June, and will be shipped Tuesday 2nd June.
Orders that will be shipped on Tuesday 2nd June must be confirmed and paid for by Friday 29th May.
Any orders placed on Friday 29th May, Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd June will be shipped on Wednesday 3rd June.

Once again, thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.I’d like to introduce you all to Alex Chard, the new owner of DTA Fast.

DTA Changes Hands, Note From Allan

I’d like to introduce you all to Alex Chard, the new owner of DTA Fast.

As you may know, I’ve recently decided to retire, and am delighted to be passing over the reins to Alex. Despite interest from numerous parties, I have decided that he has the best skill set to take the business forward.

Alex and I will work closely together over the coming months to ensure business continuity, so you, DTA Fast’s valued customers, receive the high quality products and service you are used to. Alex already has plans to further develop DTA’s product offering in the future.
As well as bringing over 15 years’ experience in software engineering, Alex has a real passion for motorsports having been involved in the industry from a young age. He grew up around Formula Vee cars at Kyalami in South Africa, racing model cars in his teens, and more recently running a Mk2 Golf turbo charged track car using a DTA ECU. He also built the DTADroid app for Android devices, which allows logging of data from a DTA ECU, as well as displaying a dashboard.
I’m sure you will agree that Alex is ideally placed to take over ownership of DTA Fast and drive the business forward.
In the short term, nothing will change for you, apart from a different person at the end of the phone. The same ECUs will be available, with stock due in five  weeks. All other products are available now.

If you have any questions, please email, or call 01926 889121.  

V78 Release:- Oil Temp Limit on Cam Control

V78 Restricts cam control until the oil temperature has reached a user defined limit
Adds a preset scale for the Ford Zetec cylinder head water temp sensor.

V77 Release:- Electric Dump Valve

V77 Adds the ability to control turbos fitted with an electric dump valve on the overrun.
A special flywheel mode for Aston Martin V8's has been added.
The injectors can be optionally pulsed on switch on to prime the inlet if required.

V73 Release:- Paddle Shift Controller

V73 Adds the ability to use the extra functionality of an S100, not needed for most engine applications, to act as a fully featured paddle shift gearbox controller.
Configurable for most sequential gearbox layouts, with different 1/2 shift neutral positions. RPM limited downshifts, closed loop up and downshifts, variable throttle
blipper lead and timing as well as RPM and paddle pull triggered auto upshifting. Configurable anti push system for downshifts.

Safety features include position sensor limits and sanity checking, stuck down paddle rejection as well as neutral button requirements.

Also included in this release is the ability to accept the GM Ecotec 1.4 crank/cam pattern.

V71 Release:- Low Temperature RPM Limit

V71 Allows the user to lower the RPM limit when either water temperature or oil temperature or both are below a user defined limit.
Launch startline RPM can be set on the second lambda input instead of Ana1 on an S80 and above.
Water temp compensation limit is raised to 200 degrees C for use with a cylinder head temperature sensor.

V70 Release:- Provision for Subaru 6 Cyl Crank Wheel

V69 Allows the use of the Subaru 6 Cylinder 36 - 2 - 2 - 2 which is slightly different from the 4 cylinder one.
V70 adds support for using the STC to open during anti-lag operation to provide air to the engine.

V68 Release:- Launch Control Improvements

V68 Allows the use of the random spark cut patterns when the current RPM is over the target RPM. This is useful for very powerful engines in low grip conditions.
Launch Control Parameters and Shift Cut Parameters have been moved to two separate pages to allow for further increases in flexibility.

V67 Release:- Shift Cut Improvements

V67 Allows the reversal of the gear potentiometer voltage when used for closed loop shift cut.
Closed loop shift cut algorithms now can be used with a bike or similar gearbox where neutral is between 1st and 2nd gears.

V66 Release:- Alarm Set Points and Recording

V66 Allows the setting and recording of alarms on oil pressure, RPM and water temp. These are also logged in a special log.
Added to the diagnostic screen are wheel pulses counted whever a pulse is present, regardless of software settings. This divorces the testing of sensors and wiring from settings induced problems.

V65 Release:- Enhanced Pit Lane Limiter

V65 uses the enhanced random cut patterns to implement the Pit Lane Speed Limiter to reduce the aggression of this feature.
Limit can now be speed or RPM based using either the standard Aux switch input on an S80/100 or the launch button on all ECU's.

V64 Release:- Random Rev Limit Patterns

V64 Allows the user to specify five random soft cut patterns over a 16 event sequence. The RPM these activate is user specified as it the cut method, fuel, spark or both.
The closed loop shift cut feature can be initiated with a switch and terminated by pot position.
An engine shut down can be programmed on low oil pressure if desired.
An flywheel mode for the Suzuki Swift 1600 has been added.

V63 Release:- Closed Loop Shift Cut

V63 Allows the use of the gear position potentiometer to intiate and terminate a "Closed Loop Shift Cut".
A rear wheel speed sensor can be used for gear by shaft RPM if required.
Analogue 1 can be used to set the Lambda target.
The shift cut input can be used for wheel speed if required.

V62 Release:- 3D Pressure Target Maps

V62 Allows the use of 20 x 14 main target manifold pressure maps for both of the switchable maps.
Map two can now be selected without any qualifying parameters simply on switch position.
A maximum cut percentage parameter is added to traction control to eliminate complete engine switch off in slippy conditions.
Flexible Analogue/Auxiliary combinations now have a second user choosable switching qualifier.
Fan control hysteresis is user selectable.
Aux 4 can be divorced from the map switching action freeing it for other use.
Auxiliaries 4 to 9 have a new selection process.
The GM 4 bar sensor has been added to the pre-set options in MAP sensor calibration.

V61 Release:- Launch By Elapsed Time

V61 adds the ability to use launch control without a speed sensor. A two dimensional table of RPM versus elapsed time and an analogue input voltage add a flexible and effective form of launch control in circumstances where a wheel speed sensor cannot be used.
The added flexibility of an analogue input allow immediate adjustments to accommodate variable surface conditions.

During ALS operation on turbo vehicles a soft cut can be implemented to reduce turbo temperatures.

V60 Release:- Control of 4 Variable Cams on S100

V60 adds thhe ability to control 4 variable cam-shafts on any engine up to 8 cylinders using hall effect cam sensors. Audi and BMW V8's being prime examples.
Logging of the cam targets and positions is extended for this situation.
Support for the Mitsubishi  36 - 2 - 1 - 1 crank pattern is added.

V58 Release:- Full Map for Twin Spark Offset

The offset between the two sparks of a twin spark system can now be calculated via the map 2 ignition map thus allowing full flexibility over the engine operating range.
Engagement of the idle PID controller can now be delayed after the engine has been on the over-run reducing the chances of a stall when the clutch is depressed.
The turbo valve pulse width map can now optionally use MAP for the X axis as well as TPS.
Parameters to allow for fuel cutoff on the over-run have now been added.
Water and air temperature high and low limits for ALS activation have been added.
Maximum  ALS activation time has been added with an optional programmable recovery time afterwards.
For variable camshafts on a 'V' engine the use of only one cam target position map is allowed to be used by both cams.

V57 Release:- Gear Calculation Using Speed Sensor

As well as using a potentiometer in a sequential gearbox current gear selection can now be calculated with a speed sensor on the gearbox output shaft.
Enhancements to shift cut operation allows for fuel cut as well as ignition retard or cut, fading in over time of ignition retard as well as fuel increase post cut to refill the fuel puddle.
End RPM points for the launch control speed setting potentiometer can now be set manually.

V55 Release:- 3D Pressure Compensation Tables

Two full speed/load tables are included for manifold pressure compensation of fuelling and ignition advance. Load axis for each is independantly definable to be MAP or TPS.
Voltage reverse for the TPS is allowed via software.
Idle control speed disabling is now user controllable.
Extra presets for more lambda and temperature sensors are included.

Jozef Hrivnak in Slovakia has been doing work on the Ford ST220 using the S60, achieving 310 BHP at 7400 RPM with the engine below. This is in K1-Attack race car, one of the best looking cars we have seen for a while.

  V54 Release:- Multiple Injection Angles

A full speed/load map has been added for injection angle
Access to the diagnostic and logging functions is allowed when a PIN is set.
Advance compensations from subsidiary maps can be in degrees or percentages.
Improvements have been made to the synchronisation alorithms, improving starting with difficult bike engines.

Mazda Rotary Engines

Our ECU's have been used on Mazda Rotary engines for a long time and we recently were helping Pip Gardner at WGT with problem which turned out to be a faulty alternator. The engine, however, sounds glorious and produces a remarkable 440 BHP with more to come apparently.

Mazda Rotary

Mazda Rotary

V53.00 Release:- Pit Lane Speed Limit

A separate pit lane speed limit has been introduced on the S80/S100 enabling the launch system still to be used for that function.
Full throttle shifting may now be facillitated by using ignition retard rather than a full cut to reduce RPM loss through the gear change.
Support for the Crank sensor patterns of the Honda J30A V6.
A preset scale for the Zeitronix ZT2 wide band lambda has been added.

V52.00 Release:- Variable Lambda Filter Length

To accomodate different engine requirements a variable time filter has been introduced in Lambda parameters. Changes have been made to the synchronisation rules for the Honda K20 engine to improve recovery after driver induced brake locking events stall the engine.

V51.00 Release:- Multiple Cam Targets

To reduce the number of Version number increments caused by different combinations of cam sensor target wheels the ability to choose a synchronisation tooth has been parameterised in the software.

V50.00 Release:- Twin Injector Blending

Additional features have been added to twin injection capabilities. Continuous blending between the inner and outer sets of injectors is possible all over the operating envelope. A variable enrichment factor can be added whenever an injector first becomes active.

Initial Lambda control delay can be reduced to one second if required and minimum cranking to running transition RPM has been reduced to 600 for big slow motors.

V49.00 Release:- Support for Chevrolet LS7

The BMW S54 motor has now been run and developed 365 HP at Kristensen Automotive in London, Ontario. The S100 wiring diagram now has detailed pin outs of the relevant actuators and sensors

Support for the standard crank and cam sensors and patterns is incorporated for the popular Chevrolet LS7 engine.


V48.00 Release:- Preliminary Support for BMW S54 Motor

The VANOS arrangement on the BMW S54 motor is different to the earlier S50 units. We have an engine running on the dyno and full connection details will be released shortly. In the mean time do not try to use the S54 mode. A generic style of control for a second cam shaft has been added on the S100.

Also included in this release:-

Add ignition retard before cut when stationary in launch control to increase boost levels in turbo applications.
Allow for smaller wheels and higher rpm in launch control for bike engined buggy style vehicles.

1600CC Injectors in Stock

We have secured a stock of 1600 cc Ethanol compatible injectors, ideal for big turbo ethanol fuelled engines.

S80 and S100 Reduced in Size and Weight

The S80 and S100 have had a complete physical re-design to reduce the size and weight. The weight has been reduced by 30% to 800 gm and the length shrunk by 33% to only 162mm. There is no change in the functionality of the units, both being fully capable of all previous functions.

V46.00 Release:-  Clio R3 Sensor Set Supported

V46.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Crank and cam sensor patterns of the Renault Clio R3 are now supported. This brings the total of "special" and complex cam/crank signals supported to 23.
A hot key is provided for interpolating across rows and columns in map editing.

V45.00 Release:-  Wet Launch Settings for S80

V45.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

The S80 is now equipped with a selectable set of wet or dry launch settings selected via the dashboard mounted switch.
To ease sending a picture from the crankshaft oscilloscope to us for remote installation assistance a "Save Picture" button is now available. This saves a Bmp file wich just needs attaching to an email to us.
The lambda target map can use MAP as load even when the main map is using TPS as load.
The gap detection factor for missing tooth wheels is now selectable via software. Useful for some bike engines.

V43.00 Release:-  Swap to Cam2 advance map on VTEC, Set Launch RPM with Potentiometer

V43.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

For engines like the Honda K20 the option of having a VTEC and non VTEC cam advance map is included in this release. Launch RPM can optionally be set with a potentiometer on analogue 1.

V42.00 Release:-  Retard After Shift Cut

V42.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Full throttle shift cuts using the shift cut feature can sometimes, in vehicles with low traction, cause wheel spin after the gear change. V42 adds the ability to use a tapered and timed ignition retard after the sparks are restored and the gear is engaged, reducing engine power for a fraction of a second. Careful on track testing can optimise this to eliminate the wheel spin. Unfortunately, if the problem is fundamentaly caused by a flywheel which is too heavy, then there is little that can be done about it.

For those people using the flexible analogues to record and view EGT a small floating window has been added, accessed when in real time mapping, where these values can be viewed.

To aid situations where spark induced electrical noise cannot be eliminated on a head mounted camshaft sensor because of proximity or just bad design, a masking window for the cam pulse has been included.

A PLX wideband lambda sensor  calibration preset has been added to lambda parameters and a preset for the Bosch 0208 002 456 combined MAP and air temp sensor.

Ignition advance has been added to the real time chart options.

V41.00 Release:-  Converted Values of Flex Analogues Recorded in Log

V41.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Support for Rover K series flywheel with a single point cam sensor.
Converted values of flexible analogues are now recordable in the log and the real time chart. This makes the data more understandable if you are using something like a temperature sensor or an EGT amplifier.

V40.00 Release:-  Single and Twin VANOS Support

V40.00 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Single VANOS support for the BMW S50B30 engine using an S80. Full wiring instructions for crank and cam sensors as well as the cam actuation solenoids is on the wiring diagram.
Twin VANOS support for the BMW S50B32 engine using an S100. A full map for this engine will be included in the software distribution soon.
Special support for the Suzuki Hyabusa engine using existing 24 - 1 crank wheel. Sensor pin outs have been added to the wiring diagram.

These new engine modes bring the total the S series supports to 19 besides the generic set up. 6 different types of variable cam shafts are now supported including BMW, Honda, Toyota, Rover and Ford ST170. All of these being complex multi-position systems. More will be added as soon as we can get test engines to verify each system in turn.

V39.01 Release:-  Various Enhancements

V39.01 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Improved starting of Honda K20A in very cold weather.
Addition of Porsche 996 with 4 tooth cam target in the flywheel mode list.
A generic CAN data stream for dashboards other than our own. Specification in the manuals section of this web-site.

V38 Release:-  Various Enhancements

V38 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Allow the VTEC control to use the shift light as output on the S40.
Allow choice of tooth edge on the cam shafts of the Honda K20/K24
Modifications to the alternative ALS strategy when not using a valve
Allow increase of idle valve PWM percentage when the cooling fan turns on
Improvements to crankshaft oscilloscope
Widen limits on throttle stop settings for marginal situations like the Suzuki Hyabusa
Add fan switching in self test for the S40I

V36 Release:-  Measure Injector Dead Time and E85 Support

V36 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Injector dead time is the length of fuel pulse that must be given to an injector before any fuel delivery actually takes place. Below this time no fuel is delivered, above it injectors deliver fuel in a linear fashion with increasing pulse times. To measure it with great precision requires expensive injector testing equipment. The dead time varies with the injector design, fuel pressure, battery voltage and the detailed nature of the ECU injector switching circuitry.

We have designed a means of getting a very good approximation to dead time for four stroke engines by automatically switching the engine between two and four stroke injection modes every five seconds. If the exhaust Lambda value stays the same while this is happening the injector dead time is right for that injector at the running voltage and fuel pressure. Accurate knowledge of dead time is important for all manifold pressure and air temperature compensations. Below are screen shots of the real time chart showing the instantaeous Lambda value of a correct and an incorrect dead time value on one of our test engines.

Wrong Dead Time

Incorrect Dead time ( = 0.7ms)

Right Dead Time

Correct dead Time ( = 1.15ms)

E85 is a bio-fuel which contains a mix of petrol (gasolene) and ethanol. Nominally E85 is 15% petrol and 85% ethanol although this will vary with the time of year purchased and the differential rates evaporation from forecourt tanks. Petrol may also be added at any time to the vehicle tank. Because of these issues the ethanol percentage must be measured at all times the engine is running and fuelling and ignition advance adjusted to reflect this. We have implemented support for the GM ethanol sensor and will add more as soon as the technical information becomes available. In general injector and fuel pump capacity must be increased by up to 70% to guarantee the required fuel delivery is available.

V35 Release:-  Switch on Analogue 3 Function with MAP2 Switch

V35 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

Only switch on Analogue 3 Function when MAP2 switch is on and above a certain throttle position.
Turn off throttle transients when generating the base map.

V33 Release:-  Delayed Coil Per Plug Operation, VW 1.8T Sequential Support, Alternative ALS Strategy

V33 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the following abilities:-

For engines with inductive cam sensors that cannot be seen at cranking speed we have introduced the ability to run the engine in wasted spark, twin spark mode until a suitable RPM is reached, then seamlessly switch to handling the coils individually. A similar feature has long been available for sequential injection.

Support for the four tooth cam sensor on VW and Audi 1.8T engines has been added, allowing the use of sequential injection and individual coil support without changing the cam disc. Note this only works on the variations of this engine with a hall effect cam sensor. Engines with an inductive cam sensor will need this changing to the hall effect item which is an identical physical size.

An alternative anti lag feature is available when a valve cannot be fitted. This implements a low RPM limit when the throttle position is below a user defined value. If the engine would naturally idle at say 5000 rpm this will limit the speed when the throttle is closed artificially, providing higher manifold pressure when than would otherwise be the case.

V32 Release:-  Various Extensions

V32 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the ability:-

To use the ALS output instead of Aux3 for VTEC control
Alter the cam advance control algorith for Honda, Toyota and Ford ST170 cam systems
Add support for the Ford ST170 5 tooth cam signal
Add support for the Ford Mustang 360 V8, 5 tooth cam pattern
Add native support for two cylinder engines


V30 Release:-  Idle Speed Increase During Air Conditioner Operation

V30 Release of the S series software and firmware adds the ability to use the gear shift input to increase the idle base PWM increasing engine power at idle whilst the air conditioning compressor is working. See wiring diagram for implentation details.


V29 Release:- Support for 3 and 5 Cylinder Engines

V29 Release of the S series software and firmware adds native support for three cylinder engines on an S60 and three and five cylinder engines on the S80/S100. An option to give out genuine three and five cylinder tachometer signals is also provided.

S40 Starts Shipping

First S40 shipments have left our works and are being received by the customers all over the world. A direct replacement for the venerable E48 but having all the features of the more complex ECU's in the "S" series range, advanced mapping software, flash upgradeability, excellent diagnostics and test features but providing an economic solution for four cylinder engines.


S80 Launch Goes Well

  Now with plenty of S80's in the field results have been good. Simple and complex V8 engines have been running successfully immediately.

S80 Starts Shipping in a Few Days

After months of testing and development the latest ECU in the "S" series range is due to start shipping. Primarily aimed at the advanced eight cylinder market many new features and flexibility have been added.

S60 V28.00 Release:- Many New Additions

V28.00 of the S60 Firmware adds:-

Ability to run the crankshaft oscilloscope while the engine is running.
Add total attempted starts to diagnostics page.
Add support for Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ crank and cam patterns
Ability to switch injectors as a function of manifold pressure.
Add limits to the travel of the traction control agression knob.
Add support for the 48 - 2 cam mounted sensor on the Duccati 749R V twin bike engine.
Add support for Bosch 3 wire idle valve.
Add self test capability for all auxilliary outputs.
Add redundant TPS facility so if one fails the other takes over.

S60 V24.00 Release:-  Traction Control and Fuel Consumption Added

V24.00 of the S60 Firmware adds traction control and fuel consumption calculations.

Traction control is implemented using a wheel speed sensor on an undriven wheel and a gear dependent distance table providing the raw data. A gearbox sensor must be fitted. The aggression of the system, that is how much spark cut is implemented for an amount of wheel spin can be either fixed in the map or controlled by a potentiometer on the dashboard of the car.

Fuel consumption in fuel used per hour and MPG or L/100Km is calculated from the flow rate of the injectors.


DTASwin V23.03 Release:-  Cursor Added to Graphical Log Display

V23.03 of the S60 PC software DTASwin adds a cursor to the graphical log view to easily see the exact value of the item at the cursor.


S60 V23.00 Release:-  Idle Speed Control Using Ignition Advance

V23.00 of the S60 Firmware allows the use of ignition advance to control idle speed on vehicles where no idle PWM valve is present and cannot be fitted. All features of the PWM valve control are implemented but using advance as an alternative control system.

S60 V22.00 Release:-  Real Time Turbo PWM adjustment Via Dyno Control Box

V22.00 of the S60 Firmware allows the fuel knob of the dyno box to be used for setting the turbo control valve PWM percentage. This is much quicker than typing numbers into the map. When running the engine in closed loop fuelling the fuel knob is redundant and it becomes available for the following functions.

Turbo control valve PWM percentage.
Cam Target Position.
Injector Closing point.
Target A/F Ratio.

A variety of hot keys change the function of the knob during mapping. Pressing the enter button on the box logs the current active value in the relevant map.

            Control Box

S60 V21.00 Release:-  Power Steering and Second VTEC map

V21.00 of the S60 firmware now implements support for a variable frequency output, linked to undriven wheel speed for electric power steering ECU control. This is implemented using the flexible analogue 3 input/output table.

A new option to switch to MAP2 on VTEC activation is also added.

S60 V19.02 Release:-  Honda CBR600 and Blackbird Support

V19.02 of the S60 firmware now implements support for the standard crank and cam sensors on Honda CBR600 and the Honda "Blackbird" engines. These are late model engines, originally on sequential injection, which have a twelve tooth crank wheel and a 3 tooth cam wheel (pictured below). A map for a Formula Student (SAE) engine is included in the software download but as these engines use a 20mm inlet restrictor then it can only be used as a starting point for a non restricted engine. As a matter of interest this restricted engine made 85BHP at 11,000 RPM.

Honda Cam

S60 V18.04 Release:-  Rover K VVC Cam Control Support Added

V18.04 of the S60 firmware now implements cam control on a Rover K series VVC engine. A complete map for a standard engine is included in the software download. This map raised a standard (if tired 85,000 miles) engine from 109 BHP at the wheels at 5500 RPM to 125 BHP at 6000 RPM. Peak at the wheels torque went from 112 ft/lb at 5000 to 117 ft/lb at 4500. Injector duty cycle is added as a loggable data option.

S60 V17.08 Release:- Complete Lambda History of Current PC Session Available

V17.08 of the DTASwin program now stores the complete Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio) history of the current PC sesion. Average Lambda value in each cell is stored, The number of records received for each cell and the software can calculate and apply the difference between this and the Lambda target map. Pictures below of Lambda history, count history and percentage differences from one of our dyno sessions.

            Average per Cell

Data Sets
            Received per Cell

Percentage Difference To Target Map

S60 V17.00 Release:- Support for Honda S2000 Engine, Suzuki GSXR1000 K5 map included

V17.01 of the S series software suite adds support for all of the original sensors of the Honda F20C (S2000) engine. A complete map for this 250 BHP engine is included in the software download. Engine on the dyno below. A complete map for the Suzuki GSXR1000 K5 and K6 is included in the software download.

S2000 on

S60 V16.00 Release:- Useability Improvements

V16.03 of the S series software and V16.00 of the firmware add some small useability improvements. Highly visible flags are on screen when the PC map needs sending to the ECU, current sensor selection buttons are "remembered" between sessions, single button map saving and for long mapping sessions which stretch overnight when the PC is switched off, the ability to save the "Traced Cells" list ("Green Squares").

S60 V15.00 Release:- Cranking Oscilloscope

V15.00 of the S series software and firmware adds a very useful tool for people fitting the S60. It now has a cranking "oscilloscope" built in to assist in determining the crankshaft flywheel pattern and crank and cam sensor positions. Not all modes are supported in automatic determination yet but the visualisation of the pattern is a very useful aid. A Suzuki K5 bike engine, Ford and an Opel/Vauxhall cranking pattern are shown below. Note the Ford and the Suzuki have a cam sensor and the arrival time is marked. The Opel does not have a cam sensor. The result gives two positions for a four cylinder as we cannot determine which cylinder is number one, however, in the case of these two engines the result is correctly determined to within the limits of tooth resolution. To be sure about which is number 1 cylinder all you have to do is remove all the other spark plugs before cranking.

A side effect of this picture is that you can compare cylinder compressions without using a compression tester.


Visualise Ford Cranking

Opel / Vauxhall Cranking

S60 V14.00 Release:- More Throttle Transients, VTEC improvements

V14.00 release of S series software and firmware adds separate cold and hot throttle transient maps. User selectable switch over temperature between maps is available. VTEC control has been divorced from cam advance control so it can be used on engines with only VTEC such as the S2000.

Real Time Cam Sweep From V13.00

The target cam advance can be swept from our dyno control unit in real time when mapping. Using the fuel running in closed loop Lambda (O2) control, the fuel knob becomes available for other functions. Injector phasing and cam angle sweep are good examples of when this can be extremely useful. Real time chart of requested cam angle and resulting cam advance is shown below.

Cam Swing
          From Dyno Box

Honda K20A from V13.00

The Honda K20A is now programmed into the S60 from Version 13.00 of the software and firmware (see downloads section). Using all the original cam, crank and engine sensors an easy route to a fully adjustable system for this engine is now available. A carefully constructed base map for a completely standard engine is included in the software download. With this map a standard engine made 195 BHP @ 7500 RPM (and still climbing at this RPM!) at the wheels, assuming only 10% transmission loss that is 215BHP at the flywheel with a maximum of 166 ft/lb torque @ 4500 RPM and a very flat curve.

K20A2 Under Development

K20A2 used in our development, not in a Honda obviously!

Second Nissan Cam Sensor From V12.00

Compatibilty with a second Nissan 360 tooth cam sensor has been added to the S60 from V12.00. This is used on Nissan engine code SR20DET and others in both four and six cylinder versions.

S60PRO Histogram From V11.00

The S60PRO is undergoing rapid developments. Latest Version 11.00 of the firmware and software (available in the downloads section) adds an “Engine Use Histogram”, picture below. This provides a visualisation of engine history. Maximum 18 ˝ hours in each “bin” with 1 second resolution. This is stored in FRAM is not part of the normal logging.

Dealer Training and Development Suite

DTA has installed a fully equipped dyno facility for dealer training. Training is available by appointment and we provide a suitable vehicle mounted on a Rototest chassis dyno. Equipment on this engine enables  us to give full understanding of closed loop fuel control, autotune, idle control and the procedures for gaining maximum power as well as at the same time meeting emissions regulations if required.

Nissan Camshaft Mounted Sensor System

The S60PRO is fully able to use the Nissan OEM camshaft mounted engine speed and position sensor in both 4 and 6 cylinder versions. Used on RB25DET, RB26DETT and RB20 in four and six cylinder versions..

S60PRO In Production

A new ECU from DTA. Fast, reliable, up to 8 cylinders with an extensive function list. Read the detail.