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1996 VW VR

Brian Kirchberger's 97 VR6 Jetta

The World's quickest FWD VW - first FWD VW in the 9's !

9.69 @ 145mph and 9.71 @  146mph

All this with stock VR6 12v 2.8L engine, efficient turbo system, a good driver
and DTAfast P8PRO Engine Management

640 BHP at  the wheels at 34 psi boost

Power train specs.

SP Turbo System consisting of :

SP Turbo Intake and Fuel Rail 

Schimmel Performance Tuned DTA P8PRO Management

ATP/Garrett  GT40 Turbo, ATP exhaust manifold SP Piping, SP 3" down pipe, Air to water intercooler.

Stock 12v VR6 engine
(50k miles with thicker head gasket, ARP head and rods bolts, hd valve springs)

Quaife 6 speed trans, Drive shaft Shop Stage 5 axels

- and don't forget, a skilled driver!

Engine build and turbo:

Owner and Driver:
Brian Kirchberger, GTR Motorsport