2018 July Newsletter:

Hello! In this issue we have Customer successes at the Donegal Rally, details of our new Instagram account, updates to our new software, an advance notice about our price increase on 1st August, and Tip of the Month with Load cells. Welcome to our newsletter for July 2018.

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June Success Stories

The jewel in the crown of the Irish Rally scene, the Donegal Rally was held from the 15th to 17th June 2018 in Letterkenny, Ireland.

DTAFast had a spectacular National event, with 6 of the top 10 cars running DTAFast ECUs, 4 class wins and multiple 1-2-3 finishes.

More information on our Facebook page here, including links to in car video.


Our Instagram account is growing nicely. Remember to follow us at www.instagram.com/dtafast, and tag us using #dtafast #s40pro #s60pro #s80pro #s100pro and #ntdash.

Software updates

There are a number of updates to the new software, so please make sure you install the latest version to ensure that you are using the most stable version.

Get the latest version from the Downloads section of our website…

Version 86 will be released shortly, and that will have a full help manual included. You can access the help by pressing F1 from any form to open the help for that form.

Functionality improvements will include throttle blip on downshift based on the potentiometer, as well as the option to add an ignition cut on paddle shift downshift, to release the dogs.

Shortly after that, we will add full throttle downshift to paddle shift, as well as load cell support.

Price Increase

We’ve held off increasing the ECU prices as long as we can, but unfortunately, we have to put the prices up effective 1st August. The new prices are as follows:

  1. S40Pro Ignition Only – £375 + VAT
  2. S40Pro – £525 + VAT
  3. S60Pro – £775 + VAT
  4. S80Pro – £875 + VAT
  5. S100Pro – £995 + VAT

Any orders placed on or before 31st July will be at the current price.

Some of our sensor prices have increased in line with our supplier increases. You can download the latest price list here (on 1st August this price list will be updated with the new pricing).

Tip of the Month – Load Cells

We are currently developing native support for load cells, but they can be used already with a little thought.

Despite the analogue output, a load cell is simple a switch. Above a certain voltage, the switching point, the ECU must initiate a cut.

At this point, the resistance on the gearbox will release, so the voltage will drop again. This means the load cell cannot be used to end a cut, only initiate it.

Simply connect the load cell to Analogue 2, and then run a wire from Aux 5 to the Shift Cut input.

You can use any of Aux 4, 5 or 6 on the S60, or 7, 8 or 9 on the S80/S100.

The S40 can be set up in the same way, but Analogue 2 is the oil pressure input.

Set the Aux 5 output as follows:

In this case, the Aux 5 output will trigger when the voltage exceeds 3000mV.

From this point, the shift cut is set up as normal. Simply choose a switched start with a simple delay, or use the switch to start the cut, and the gear potentiometer to end the cut (if available) for full closed loop shifting.

Ensure the Blanking Window after Cut is set high enough to allow the voltage to drop below the threshold, so a second cut doesn’t trigger.

The only improvement that will be available when this is implemented within the software will be the ability to trigger a downshift blip, as some load cells are directional.

It’s already possible to do the throttle blip now with an STC or external blipper.

The first three people to correctly send me the set up of this will each receive a DTAFast polo shirt, fleece or hoodie of their choice.

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2018 July Newsletter