2018 June Newsletter:

Hello! This months updates feature DTAFast customer successes at the Carlow Stages and in Autograss and Malta, our new Instagram profile, how to download your copy of our new software, and the regular Tip of the Month that looks at multiple boost levels.

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May Success Stories

May has been yet another very successful month for DTAFast ECUs.

The Carlow Stages rally in Ireland was won by Barry Meade and Colin Fitzgerald in the K25 powered Escort Mk2, using an S80Pro. They finished ahead of the ever quick Frank Kelly.

Kevin Gallagher of KGP Engineering, one of Irelands premier DTAFast dealers, finished 4 th overall and first in class 14, the highest place car outside class 26.

This means that 3 of the top 5 cars were powered by DTAFast ECUs.

We’re really looking forward to the Donegal Rally in June.

In Autograss, we’re the MAP Class 9 champions, with Exon Race Engines building the engine on Jason Richardson’s car. Unbeaten in all 3 qualifying rounds and the final.

Over in Malta, Zoqdi Racing set new personal bests at the Maltese drag strip Hal Far Raceway, with a
10.2 on a slow 60 ft time.

As always, you can see more about these success stories on our Facebook page.


We now have an Instagram account, so that we can share pictures more easily. Follow us at www.instagram.com/dtafast, tag us using #dtafast #s40pro #s60pro #s80pro #s100pro and #ntdash.

Full release of New Software

The new software is now available for everyone to download from our website. If you find any issues, please do let us know. You can download it here…

Multiple Boost Levels

If you have a turbo charged car and are not using Analogue 3 for the gear potentiometer, it’s possible to have multiple base PWM boost maps.

Simply wire in a rotary switch to Analogue 3 and set up the “gears” in Engine Configuration -> Sensor Scaling -> Gear Position.

In the Other Map Settings -> Turbo Functions -> Turbo Parameters, set up the turbo control without using the PID loop, and click the “Use Gear PWM Modifier”.

You can then modify the base PWM using the rotary switch. In the image below, there is a range of – 4% to +10%. This value will be added to the base PWM value from the current load cell.

For example, if the current PWM from the Base PWM Map is 30%, and the dial is at “gear” 9, then the PWM will be 30 + 6, so 36%.

You will need to ensure the values you use are reasonable, and that your map compensations are correct if using Alpha-N tuning, or that the Speed Density map has been mapped high enough.

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2018 June Newsletter