2018 March Newsletter:

Hello! Welcome back to our newsletter. This time we have our first ‘Tip of the month’ plus updates on our RTCM electronic distribution systems, NTDASH configs for Link ECUs and MegaSquirt ECUs, a VX220 + turbo tuning project, and a stock update on the VDO oil pressure sensors and SXDASH price increase..

Tip of the month

Transition From Cranking

Welcome to our first tip of the month. In each newsletter we’ll be sending out a tip, based on what has been asked a lot recently, or just a good idea that has stood out for us.

In this newsletter we’ll be looking at transition from cranking.

When an engine is cranking, the RPM is very unstable. To ensure spark timing is accurate when cranking, there are separate settings to control the spark timing at cranking.

Once the RPM is above the Transition From Cranking, the main Ignition Map is used.

Make sure that the Transition From Cranking RPM is low enough that the engine doesn’t start and idle without crossing this threshold.

New RTCM Manual Now Available

The RTCM electronic distribution systems from DTAFast are designed to replace conventional relays and fuses in competition vehicles. Advantages of integrating an RTCM in a vehicle:

1. Simplifies the design and manufacture of electric looms
2. Reduction of wires = Reduction in weight of looms
3. Individual protection of each electrical load
4. Configurable with a PC = Flexibility in electric architecture
5. Waterproof and can be fitted easily in a vehicle

Download the Brochure, Dimensions, and Details and Price list here…

New NTDASH configurations

Configurations are now available for Link ECUs and MegaSquirt ECUs.

Visit our website for the Brochure, Technical information, and Price list…

When your VX220 isn’t quick enough…

Well, if you’re from Italy, you transplant a VW ABF with a turbo strapped to it for good measure. From our Italian tuner, 8000rpm di Resa M. & A. snc. That’s going to surprise a few people!

Watch the video on our Facebook page…

Stock Update

Due to lack of sales, we will no longer be stocking the VDO oil pressure sensors. Most of our customers prefer the pressure transducers, and we have these in both M10 and 1/8th NPT threads. These are plug and play with our ECUs.

We have been informed of a price increase on the SXDASH. The new retail price on these is now £950 (+ VAT where applicable), effective immediately.

Here’s more on the SXDASH…

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2018 March Newsletter