V58 Release: Full Map for Twin Spark Offset

The offset between the two sparks of a twin spark system can now be calculated via the map 2 ignition map thus allowing full flexibility over the engine operating range.
Engagement of the idle PID controller can now be delayed after the engine has been on the over-run reducing the chances of a stall when the clutch is depressed.
The turbo valve pulse width map can now optionally use MAP for the X axis as well as TPS.
Parameters to allow for fuel cutoff on the over-run have now been added.
Water and air temperature high and low limits for ALS activation have been added.
Maximum ALS activation time has been added with an optional programmable recovery time afterwards.
For variable camshafts on a ‘V’ engine the use of only one cam target position map is allowed to be used by both cams.

V58 Release