E-Shift Gearbox Actuator

Product overview

An electronic rival to pneumatic or hydraulic gear shift actuators which have been proven reliable, consistent and require minimal maintenance as proven on over 300 competition vehicles, including the latest Renault RS01 sport vehicles.

This Single unit is able to provide up to 900N without the need for any additional equipment such as pumps, accumulators or hoses yet achieves this with a very low power consumption.

Prices from £1950

E-SHIFT Brochure

The E-Shift is fitted to the Renault Clio Cup Racer, see how it performs here.

This video shows the E-Shift fitted to a Renault Sport R.S.01 during a testing run.

E-Shift Gearbox Actuator

Product features

Typical 40ms shifting time +/- 18 mm stroke 900 N maximum force Diagnostic information sent over CAN Optional contactless position sensor Ball joint or rigid mounting Isolated Power and CAN Weight : 5 Kg Dimensions : 170 x 100 x 60 mm Temperature range: from –10°C to + 100°C IP68 Protection CAN 1 Mbit (Rev 2.0B) : 1 Low-side commands : UP, DOWN, LOW_POWER and HIGH_POWER 12V and GCU ground, commands, CAN line on 8STA 6 10-35 PN connector 12V power supply, 100 A max, on 5 mm diameter terminal Power ground on body or 5mm diameter terminal

Price: £From 2950

£From 3540 (incl. V.A.T.)

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Part no.: ESHIFT