NTX Dash

Product overview

The new NTX Dash is a powerful full colour digital dashboard for use at all levels of motorsport.

A 4.3” TFT colour display with 480 x 272 pixel resolution, and built in ambient light sensor, ensures perfect readability in all environments.

Enclosed in an IP65 rated aluminium housing, the NTX-Dash is suitable for all types of competition vehicle.


The NT-X Dash is available in various configurations.

Option 1 – Standard

Fully customisable dashboard ready to work with any DTA S series ECU.

Option 2 – With GPS

As Option 1 but includes built in 20Hz GPS with external antennae and accelerometers to track location and G forces.

Additional Options

  • Data Logging Upgrade – £150.
  • Loom for the NT-Dash – £250

All prices exclude VAT

NTX Dash

Product features

A BRIGHT 4.3’’ TFT DISPLAY - perfect readability in all environments. UP TO 10 FULLY CONFIGURABLE RGB LEDS WATERPROOF HOUSING FULLY CONFIGURABLE - with the dash editing software INTEGRATED LIGHT SENSOR 4 ANALOGUE INPUTS 4 DIGITAL INPUTS OPTIONAL: DATA ACQUISITION - Up to 4 Gibytes data logging memory 20HZ GPS - with external antenna

Price: £825

£990 (incl. V.A.T.)

Category: Dashboards


Part no.: NTX-110