S40 / T2 Spliced Loom Kit

Product overview

Spec 44 wiring loom kit with crimped ECU terminals and ECU connector. Includes crimped and insulated splices for 5v, sensor ground, power ground and 12v. Kit also includes shielded, twisted pair crank sensor wire.

When ordering please state if crank sensor is VR (magnetic) or Hall Effect.

Note: S40 supports VR only, T2 supports both Hall and VR.

S40 / T2 Spliced Loom Kit

Product features

1 S40 Connector shell 1 Twisted pair Crank wire + 1 22 AWG black ( for S Gnd) 14 22 AWG mixed 9 colours 1 22 AWG Red 3 spliced to 1( For 5v) 1 22 AWG black 4 spliced to 1 ( for S GND) 2 18 AWG black ( for Main Gnd) 1 18 AWG red spliced to 1( for 12v)

Price: £175

£210 (incl. V.A.T.)

Category: Wiring