Product overview

The T8+ is ideal for fully sequential 6 or 8 cylinder engines that require fly-by-wire, knock control and paddle shift. It can also run
12 cylinder engines semi-sequentially. The T8+ features dual wideband lambda, dual variable cam control and dual fly-by-wire
making it a great choice for V engines.

T-Series engine control units are powered by an all-new, automotive specific, multi-core processor. They feature Bosch lambda
controllers for maximum accuracy, multiple safety redundancies, high resolution map tables, fully configurable I/O and up to
32Mb of up to 1Khz logging with compression algorithms for fast log downloads. The PC software has a user-friendly, responsive
design for better readability on high resolution monitors using high scaling (DPI). It features a full oscilloscope for
crankshaft/camshaft signal analysis and allows firmware to be upgraded without special cables or separate software.

T-Series Brochure | T8+ Wiring Diagram | ECU Comparison


Product features

Analogue (0-5v) 12
Digital 6
Thermistor (NTC) 3
Wheel Speed 4
Wideband Lambda 2
Knock 2
Digital (PWM) 10
Coil Drivers 8
Injector Drivers 8
Cam Solenoid Drivers 2
H-Bridge (FBW) Drivers 2
Control Strategies
Auxiliary PWM Control
Pit Limiter
Launch Control
Flat-shift Control
VTEC Control
Boost Control
Idle Control
Wideband Lambda dual
Variable Cam Control dual
Traction Control
Wet/Dry Traction
Fly-by-wire Control dual
Knock Control dual
Paddle-shift Control
USB For PC connection
Serial For dyno box connection
CAN bus For communication with
dashboards, power
distribution modules,
dataloggers etc.
Dimensions 188x176x25-42mm
Weight 945g
Material billet aluminium
Ingress Protection IP67
Hardware Upgradeable To T12/T12+

Price: £1095

£1314 (incl. V.A.T.)

Category: ECUs

Sub-category: T-Series

Part no.: T8+

Paddle-shift control
Dual knock & fly-by-wire control
Dual wideband Lambda control
Dual variable cam control
Up to 12 cylinders
30 inputs
30 outputs
10 control strategies
IP67 extruded aluminium case