VW/Audi Bosch ME7 Plug and Play (AUM and AUQ)

Product overview

Adapter board to plug an S Series ECU directly in to an OEM wiring loom.

This adapter uses the Bosch 121 pin connector that is widely used by many OEM manufacturers, and found on many Bosch ECUs, such as the ME7 ECU used by VW, Audi, and many others.

As this is an adapter board, it can be adapted for multiple wiring loom versions. All that’s needed is to specify different wiring pinouts on the adapter loom to suit. This means that this adapter will support many different configurations, including different numbers of cylinders.

The price includes the adapter board and 300mm wiring loom to plug the ECU in to the adapter. Longer looms, as well as custom looms, can be supplied at extra cost.

Supported Configurations

Currently the adapter board supports the Bosch M7 ECU as used on the VW/Audi AUM, AUQ and APX engines. (not BAM, others may work but are currently untested)
ECU firmware V80.11 and up supports the later versions of dashboards that use the VW CAN stream, so the standard dashboard will still work.
Earlier versions can be used with the older dashboards that are not CAN controlled.

We will be expanding the range of manufacturers supported. If there’s a car you wish to use it on that’s not shown as supported, please get in touch.

VW/Audi Bosch ME7 Plug and Play (AUM and AUQ)

Product features

Price: £350

£420 (incl. V.A.T.)

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