Wiring is arguably the most important part of an electronically controlled competition vehicle. If your wiring is bad, all sorts of random problems can occur.

Two of the most important areas of wiring are grounding and crimping. If your power and sensor grounds get connected somewhere in the loom, sensor readings will be all over the place. If your crimps are bad, at best you’ll get intermittent problems, at worst you can start melting connectors (in high current situations).

We’re not going to go into massive detail here but for best results, always run sensor grounds all the way back to the ECU and splice there. When using magnetic (VR) sensors for crank position or cam position, always use shielded twisted-pair cable and attach the ECU end (only) of the shield to sensor ground. Crimping is a bit trickier, especially with our Superseal 1.0mm ECU terminals. We use the proper TE ratcheting crimp tools here which do the full crimp in one hit but there are cheaper alternatives, such as the Hozan P-706, which will do an adequate job of most open-barrel crimps (always buy more terminals than you need in case a crimp fails the pull-test).

However, if you want to be 100% sure that the crimps will hold and not work their way loose due to strain or vibration, we have some options available for purchase:

Pinned wires

2m lengths of pre-crimped Raychem Spec 44 22AWG wire in a variety of colours with the ECU terminal crimped on using the proper tool.

Spliced loom kit

A selection of crimped, coloured 2m Raychem Spec 44 22 AWG wires with additional 18AWG power and ground spliced wires.

Generic looms

A wiring loom that is made using Raychem Spec 44 wire and is fully heat shrinked and labelled but is missing the connectors for the sensors – allowing you to add your own.

Full looms

A ready-to-fit engine wiring loom made using Raychem Spec 44 wire that’s suitable for your application.