TECH QUICKIE – Moving from S60 to S100 for paddle shift control


Convergence, it’s the way of the world and it can make diagnostics and wiring that bit more easier to manage. So why run a separate paddle shift controller when the S100 can do it all for you?

We’ve been getting increasing numbers of enquiries about moving from the S60 to the S100 to allow paddle shift control, so it’s time for a quickie on what you’ll need to know…

Before you get started, make a note of which Aux outputs you are currently using. For all intents and purposes, the wiring between the S60/80/100 is the same, with a few key differences in the Aux output pin assignments (3-key connector):

S60 S100
Aux 1 Pin 5 Pin 5
Aux 2 Pin 4 Pin 4
Aux 3 Pin 33 Pin 33
Aux 4 Pin 32 Pin 32
Aux 5 Pin 6 Pin 29
Aux 6 Pin 2 Pin 30
Aux 7 Fuel Pump Relay Pin 3
Aux 8 N/A Pin 6
Aux 9 N/A Pin 2

As you can see, anything wired to Aux 5 & 6 on an S60 will need their settings moving to Aux 8 & 9 in the map. Aux 5 on the S80/100 is now a 12v out (1A limit).

Compressor Wiring/Config

If you are using a pneumatic paddle shift system, wire the relay coil for the compressor motor to one of the Aux outputs (e.g. Aux 6) and wire the tank pressure sensor to one of the analogue inputs. As an example and assuming it’s a 0-5v sensor where 0v is empty and 5v is full, set the Aux output to be on at 100mv (not 0mv in case of sensor failure) and off at 5000mv, with a hysteresis of 1500mv (this means once the tank is full, the compressor won’t start again until the sensor reading drops below 3500mv). These are only examples, you will need to tailor them to your specific setup.

Paddle Input Wiring (4-key connector)

Gear UP can only be wired to pin 14
Gear DOWN can be wired to pins 15, 18, 20 or 29
NEUTRAL select can be wired to pins 18, 20, 27 or 29

Shift Valve Wiring (3-key connector)

Shift UP can be wired to pins 8 or 21
Shift DOWN can only be wired to pin 22
NEUTRAL interlock is wired to pin 20

You can also wire a throttle blipper to pin 28 on the 3-key connector.

TECH QUICKIE – Moving from S60 to S100 for paddle shift control