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DTAfast designs and manufactures engine management systems for spark ignition engines intended for use in competition vehicles. All our systems are easily mapped and are very competitively priced. The systems are designed to be fitted to almost any engine. Usually on a modern engine the existing crankshaft and other sensors can be reused. If this is not the case then we provide a full range of temperature sensors, crankshaft sensors and wheels, pressure sensors etc. Our systems are in constant use worldwide and countless competition successes have been recorded from club to professional motorsport, including motorcycling, jetski and snowmobile racing. A number of multi-national motor manufacturers use our systems for longevity testing of their engine components because of their transparent ease of use and their ability to stress an engine outside its normal operating envelope.

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December 6, 2016

Some in car from the recent Killarney Historic Rally. Rob Duggan with his KGP Engineering 2.5 Vauxhall


December 7, 2016

Great news for everyone that's been patiently waiting for the plug 'n play adapter. We're almost ready to start shipping our plug 'n play adapter for the Bosch M3.x ECUs. Due to the complexity of mapping these Bosch ECUs, we decided to release this version first. Unfortunately we've had a few issues with printing the cases, but apart from that we're ready to go. We tried blue. It REALLY didn't work! Black it is. However, we can confirm pricing, and what's included. All the details are here on the website: Shipping will commence in January. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.